Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday Review Reading Challenge

Pardon me as I take another pause from reviewing to tell you about this reading challenge. Because it doesn't require too much out of the order extra time from me, I'm joining. Sherry over at Semicolon has issued the challenge related to her "Saturday Review of Books" series. Each Saturday she invites people to post links to books they have reviewed during the week. She's been doing this about a year and to celebrate, she's invited readers to choose six books from the list of recommendations to read between now and the end of 2007 (that's only about one book a month). The object is to read the books, review them and provide links to your review at Sherry's blog. Easy-peasy, right? Head on over and join with me. (You'll also want to be looking for the reviews to come from the books on my list.)

And now here's my list for the challenge:
I've also chosen these alternates if (a)I have difficulty finding copies of my first choice at the library, or (b)I have extra time before the deadline:

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