Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Nehemiah Factor – Frank Page

©2008 New Hope Publishers, Birmingham

In a world filled with books on leadership the question comes, is there a need for one more? I picked up this book because I have a great deal of respect for former SBC President Frank Page.

The book includes sixteen chapters that spell out sixteen characteristics of a missional leader. Page, the pastor of a 4,000-plus member church in South Carolina, is an example of the characteristics he espouses in the book. In the pages of the book, Page suggests (from the life of the prophet Nehemiah) that a missional leader is one who exhibits everything from a strong prayer life to a genuine calling to a winning way in dealing with conflict.

I found many positive suggestions for church/Christian leaders. Some were fresh; others were simple reminders of old advice. So the question one must answer: Should I by this book? I’ll answer it this way – is the book good? Yes, with some stumbling points such as disjointed chapters. Is it worth the money you’d put out on it? Yes, the suggested price is only fifteen dollars and good advice is always worth fifteen dollars. Is it a necessary book? Not really. If you like Page, you’ll like this book. If you’re looking for a practical book on leadership, this is a fine choice. If you already have fourteen books on leadership that you haven’t read, you have a fifty-percent chance of letting this one collect shelf dust as well. If you’re already sold on the one good leadership book you’ve had for ten years, you can probably spend your book money more wisely elsewhere.

I give Dr. Page and The Nehemiah Factor three strong reading glasses.

Benjamin Potter, April 29, 2009

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