Saturday, July 11, 2009

Laugh and Live Longer – Paul W. Powell

©2008 Paul W. Powell, Tyler, TX

Just for fun, here’s a short review of a short book. Paul Powell was 17 years pastor of Tyler’s Green Acres Baptist Church. He then moved on to be president of the Annuity Board of the Southern Baptist Convention for 13 years. After retiring he joined the administrative faculty of George Truett Seminary at Baylor. His years of faithful service in the pastorate have been the impetus of most (if not all) of his 45 books. It was with some enthusiasm last week after hearing him speak that I contributed $5 to a worthy cause and received an autographed copy of this little jewel.

This, rather than his typical collection of sermons on a topic, is a collection of what I endearingly call “preacher stories.” They are those amusing tales of dubious background and limited humor that preachers like to throw into their sermons to see if anyone was listening. At any rate they are funny and they are clean. They won’t be paying the bills of any up-and-coming standup comedian anytime soon, but they will keep you entertained for a few hours’ reading.

I suspect, like me, you will find many to be old stand-bys that are well-worn. Also, you will find that the version you remember is slightly different, but still will bring a chuckle to your belly and a smile to your face.

Don’t worry over the veracity of the stories, just sit back and enjoy. Four happy reading glasses.

Benjamin Potter, July 11, 2009

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