Friday, December 11, 2009

Called to Love – Kaye Miller

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When I signed on to work with New Hope Publishers as a “review blogger” I expected to receive one book in the first four that they sent and was disappointed that it was not there. Instead I received a copy of Kaye Miller’s Called to Love. What a nice surprise it turned out to be—just the kind of inspiring reading any pastor needs to pick up.

Miller, the 21st president of the national Women’s Missionary Union® (WMU®), really understands living love. She grew up on the mission field of Thailand as a missionary kid (MK) and learned the love of Christ from her medical missionary parents.

This book claims to be “Stories of Compassion, Faith & God’s Amazing Grace” right on the front cover. The stories related (both from Miller’s life and as told to her or read by her) are more than just stories, though. They are the illustrative fabric with which the author weaves the reminder to Christ followers that it is ours to live love every day.

Divided into three parts, part 1 reminding us of the great call to love we have been given; part 2 offering reflective material to help readers internalize this call; while part 3 challenges readers to do more than just acknowledge this love and this call, but to actually live it.

The reflection questions at the end of each chapter and group study suggestions at the back of the book are almost unnecessary for the reader who takes seriously the message contained in this book. At times inspiring, at times encouraging, and at times challenging—complete with extended Bible study material woven in—this book is highly recommended, with 5 out of 5 reading glasses.

Benjamin Potter, December 11, 2009

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