Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Raising Peanuts in a Gold Field – Paul W. Powell

©2009 Paul W. Powell, Tyler, TX

Paul Powell, Dean Emeritus and Special Assistant to the Dean of George W. Truett Theological Seminary, offers another collection of sermons that are challenging to the preacher as well as the layman in the pew. Mining from years of experience, Powell again presents meaningful illustrations, anecdotes, and ideas related to applying scriptural principles to everyday life.

The theme of this collection is mediocrity. Or more precisely, how to avoid living a mediocre life when we have access to the spectacular power of the Holy Spirit. In addition to the title chapter, the reader will find “Living for Christ in the Home” which addresses faithful Christianity within marriage; “Hot Air or True Religion” concerning how sincere faith; and “Finishing Well” reminding believers to focus on Jesus throughout life.

The most useful aspect of the book is the wealth of illustrations ranging from Powell’s personal ministry at churches throughout the state of Texas to interesting stories involving ordinary people and greats such as Johnny Weismuller alike. Preachers will want to read this book for the ideas, scholarship and illustrations. Others will be impressed by the readability and matter-of-fact presentation of sermons that can be applied directly to everyday living.

I give Powell 4 out of 5 reading glasses for Raising Peanuts in a Gold Field.

Benjamin Potter, February 24, 2010

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