Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tilly – Frank Peretti

©1988, Crossway Books, Wheaton, IL (Special Edition ©2003)

It was about eighteen years ago when the secretary at the church where I was on staff read and suggested I read this little Peretti book. I had read several of his books—including the acclaimed This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness. Some I liked, some – not so much. But I fully intended to read this one, having the “this is a really great book, you ought to read it” recommendation to go on.

A couple of days ago, the Blushing Bride and I found this special edition copy (complete with forward by Michael W. and Debbie Smith) in a local used bookstore, and finally took the day or two to read it.

Tilly is a touching story about mistakes, forgiveness, and redemption. Kathy and Dan have a secret. And they spend the entire hundred twenty pages learning to cope with it. Any other details would probably require spoiler alerts. Suffice to say that the book is touching without being sentimental. It is perhaps not the masterpiece that I was led to believe, it is well worth your time for a mid-afternoon peruse.

Peretti fans will like it. Others might find it a bit maudlin. But I will give it four out of five reading glasses.

Benjamin Potter, June 5, 2010

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