Saturday, February 5, 2011

How Good Is Good Enough? – Andy Stanley

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I had been wanting to read several of Andy Stanley’s books—particularly this one for several years. So when I found a copy of it on a ‘giveaway’ table at a pastor’s conference, I jumped at getting a copy. Stanley is the author of such books as Visioneering and Choosing to Cheat. He is an excellent communicator, and this little book is evidence of that fact. Consequently, I am glad I found the copy.

Stanley handily addresses the popular philosophy of ‘good people go to heaven.’ Without being preach-y or condescending, the author opens the reader’s eyes to questions about eternity, fairness, and truth. That I espouse the same ideology as Stanley may certainly make me biased in my opinion of his conclusions, but this little book is one that is well worth the couple of hours of your time it will take to read it.

Who should read this book? Anyone who wants to get a handle on what heaven and eternity are all about. Anyone who has questions about his or her final destination. Pick up a copy, you’ll be glad you did. Five reading glasses.

—Benjamin Potter, February 5, 2011

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Let G. said...

Stanley answers the objections to the Christian message and point the readers to the plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. How Good is Good Enough is a good resource for those who want to communicate clearly to others the reason for Jesus’ death on the cross and for those who are searching for the truth of how they can be certain of where they will spend eternity. We have included this in our collection at, heaps of books can be found here which can be used as a tool for evangelism.

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