Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer – Michael Connelly

©2005 Grand Central Publishing, New York (1st Movie Tie-in edition, 2011)

As you know, I’m a sucker for free books. So when I saw an opportunity to put my name in the hat for one of several copies of the movie tie-in book or a poster of the just released film based on Michael Connelly’s book, I did just that (chanting, “book, not poster; book, not poster” for several nights until I forgot about the drawing). Then my book (not poster) came and I just needed to find time to read.

I was sure I’d like Connelly’s writing (though I’d never read it before), and I was right. The Lincoln Lawyer is the first among the novels featuring defense pro Mickey Haller—a twice divorced, son of the star of all defense lawyers (who died when Mick was a boy, but left a legacy of courtroom sleight of hand to match Ben Matlock and Perry Mason).

With the smell of dollars in the air, Haller engages a client who convinces him of total innocence in the murder alleged, and takes the case hoping for it to turn into a franchise (that is a big money-maker that keeps on giving for the foreseeable future). What he discovers is layer upon layer of deceit and pure evil. Mickey will be lucky to get out of this one with his life, let alone his attorney’s license.

Here’s a fast-paced legal thriller that will have you guessing, reading, and rooting for the underdog. You might even want to run down and buy yourself a Lincoln Towne Car to run your office from (or start a Limo service, whichever seems most lucrative). I give the book 5 reading glasses and can’t wait for the movie to hit DVD and Blue Ray so that I can get it into my queue.

And by the way, the new paperback version includes a sneak peak at Connelly’s newest best seller, The Fifth Witness (in stores now).

—Benjamin Potter, May 3, 2011


DebD said...

LOL - Its not really my type of book but I'm glad you got the book (and not poster!) - and that it turned out to be a good read.

(coming over from Semicolon's blog and a bit behind on my review reading)

Benjie said...

Welcome, DebD.

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