Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Grave of Marcus Pauly – Wayne D. Dundee

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Since I said I wanted to read some more of Wayne D. Dundee’s work, I found another short western novel (novella), just waiting for me to download to my Nook. And I’m glad I did. For one thing the story’s dedication note is to three of my favorite writers (James and Livia Reasoner and Bill Crider). What better endorsement (at least in my opinion) to read someone’s work than that they enjoy and are acquainted with the same authors that you read.

Annabelle Heath wants nothing more than to fulfill her dying mother’s last wishes—to find her uncle’s (Marcus Pauly) bones and retrieve them for a “proper Christian burial” back at the home plot in Missouri. The big problem is that the only one who knows where the body was buried is the man who buried him—Marcus’ riding partner who was with him when the deceased uncle was shot escaping from a botched bank robbery.

Ford Ramsey had served his time after having been caught by the posse following that same bank robbery. He has found a menial job in the livery and just wants to live out his life. But when Miss Heath shows up with a story of a prison-penned, heart-felt promise, Ramsey decides that he has nothing if not his word. In deciding to help the young lady find her uncle’s body to return him home, Ramsey destines them both for more than just a rough week’s worth of camping, and discovers that old rumors die hard.

This little story reads fast and well. If you like a good western, download a copy to your eReader of choice and spend a couple of hours in the old west. Four out of five reading glasses.
—Benjamin Potter, December 20, 2011

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