Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Guardian of Light -- Steven Hunt

Several months ago, I was honored by debut author, Steven Hunt, with a request to read and review his first novel scheduled for release sometime this spring. You will want to keep an eye out for this book. Please note that the review was written in November, but I've been saving it back for release closer to the release of the book. I'll add a cover shot when it becomes available.

Coming soon from Tate Publishing in trade paperback and audio book: Guardian of Light by Steven Hunt. Watch your bookstore for this new writer’s first book. Steven Hunt has included two characteristics that endear a book to me: his novel is fast-paced and readable. If you are looking for a story that grabs your attention and holds it, or if you want to read a story that has all the action and none of the trash found in most novels today, Guardian of Light is just the ticket for you.

With Guardian of Light, Hunt seems to have developed a new genre: Sam Spade meets Jesus Christ. Theodore “Chas” Chasowski has all the earmarks of a hardboiled detective. He tries not to show emotion, but it barrels through anyway. During the course of the day, Chas is approached by a wealthy, ambitious couple with a case that leads the P.I. from state to state interviewing people who’ve been saved by an angel. His investigation turns up several encounters from both sides of the spiritual realm—good and evil. At the core of the search, Chas finds faith, and an unlikely group of the faithful who help him in his battle to save his associate and overcome evil.

Another new thing that you will find in Hunt’s writing is the no-compromise message of the gospel. There is no awkward attempt at throwing in the gospel just to appease the Christian publishers. Nor is the Christian flavor a backdrop that is easily missed. While there are occasions that the writing definitely shows signs of a freshman effort, Hunt’s story is compelling and enjoyable. If you’re looking for a good story that can also be a bridge to witness, bring this book to your book discussion group. The message is plain and the mystery intriguing.

—Benjamin Potter, November 10, 2006

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