Thursday, March 15, 2007

Heart of the Problem – Henry Brant & Kerry L. Skinner

In a world filled with pop psychology creeping around every corner, it is often difficult to find a voice of someone who has the desire to root out the real issues. Henry Brandt is that man. Some years ago, he (with Kerry Skinner) gathered years of ministry and counseling into a volume that deals with the syndrome of coping and getting by and learning to live with difficulty. Let’s face it we all have difficulties in our lives.

Brandt spent years basing his counseling ministry on Biblical basics. What he learned during those years of listening to individuals and couples bring him their problems, was that the core of all the issues, the “heart of the problem,” can usually be boiled down to a simple word—sin. The difficulty compounds when we have to admit that maybe I’m the one with the sin problem. But then, he asserts is when healing can begin.

This book is not for the feel-good Christian. Nor is it for the one who wants to put a band-aid on his boo-boo and go on running amok in his life. No, this is the book for the serious believer, whose desire it is to grow closer to God and his fellowman. If you have no desire to be challenged, my advice is to leave this book on the shelf. Otherwise, this is one worth reading . . . more than once.

—Benjamin Potter, March 2007

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