Thursday, March 8, 2007

A Year with C. S. Lewis

I must admit that, aside from the books in the Chronicles of Narnia, I have only read one of this master’s works through. That’s why this devotional book is so good. The great works of Lewis are arranged in bite-sized pieces to make them digestible for even the most lethargic of readers.

I used this book as an aid to my devotional reading over the past year (2006) and found that the short selections from some of Lewis’s most thought-filled works were no longer too deep to wade through. I discovered great passages from The Great Divorce and The Problem of Pain. I encountered the best slices of Mere Christianity and was able to walk away saying, “That was good.”

The editors of this one-year devotional have brought to us a collection that allows a few glimpses of Lewis from Narnia to Screwtape and everything in between. Along the way you will find snippets from Jack’s life that will make you feel you had a window on his life. If you like C. S. Lewis, you’ll enjoy this daily walk with him; if you like to have challenging, thoughtful readings to insert into your day in about five or eight minutes, you need to try out this volume.

--Benjamin Potter, March 2007

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