Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Oath – Frank Peretti

He’s the father of modern Christian fiction. His faith-based suspense stories do a better job of mixing the natural and the supernatural than almost anyone in the publishing business. Most Peretti fans will turn your attention to his breakthrough novel This Present Darkness for a look at the author’s best. I would draw your attention to his actual best, though—The Oath.

People are dying in the mountains. The small town population is aware, frightened, and resigned to the dark evil creature that hovers all around them. Someone must defeat the dragon, but who can? How can it be done? Does Levi Cobb, the town lunatic, really know the answer?

The Oath is a fantasy, a mystery, and an allegory, all rolled into one. The writing is engaging, the story is intoxicating, and the answer is hiding in the darkness at the end of the book. Few 500-page books read faster. It’s good for a scare, and for relief. Pick up your 10th-Anniversary copy today.

—Benjamin Potter, March 2007

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