Monday, March 19, 2007

"The Sunshine of My Wife" -- Bill Crider

For a bit of variety today, I'll review a short story. As you can already tell, I'm a big fan of Bill Crider's writing (probably the biggest, with the exception of Bill himself). What you may not know is that, as well as being a great genre novelist, Bill is quite the accomplished short story writer as well. He's even won awards!

Bill recently participated in a writing challenge of sorts. The call was sent out for short stories that could be posted to a blog, that must be about a blog. Bill went the whole nine yards and created a story that was a blog. It's hard to describe the story without destroying the story. One thing that can be said is that you can read the story from earliest entry to latest, or in reverse (latest to earliest) and the effect is superb either way. If you're a fan of mystery stories, as I am, you will want to click here to see what I'm talking about. If you just like a good story, but don't have lots of reading time available, check the story out. It's a great puzzle story. And like any good literature, it lets you fill in all the blanks. But don't forget to read the "comments" as you read, you don't want to miss one trick in this treat.

See Bill's invitation to read the story here.

--Benjamin Potter, March 2007

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