About Loom & Wheel

Benjamin Potter (Benjie) is a former English teacher, a former youth minister, a former missionary, and a current pastor. He is married with three children.

Loom & Wheel is his alter-ego. He developed the idea when looking for a good name under which to do some self-publishing. It started when his mother asked him to write a Christmas devotional for the family Christmas celebration. This coupled with a sermon series based on the personalities of the first Christmas led to some fictional renderings of the Nativity. You can see and order the results by emailing loomandwheel@pobox.com or clicking on the Loom & Wheel Publishing site.

The name itself is taken from Benjie’s own heritage. His mother’s maiden name was Weaver (an artisan who plies his trade on the Loom) and his father’s surname, Potter (an artisan who plies his trade on the Wheel). Since Benjie is the union of the Weaver and the Potter, he deduced that Loom & Wheel would be the perfect name.

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