Thursday, August 2, 2007

Leading from Your Strengths – John Trent, Rodney Cox, & Eric Tooker

I’m all for leadership development. I think that all pastors need to find was to become the leader that God intends for them to be. With this in mind, I picked up this little book at a bookstore and tried to slog through it.

With the intention of keeping the reader engaged, the authors set up a scenario based on a whitewater rafting excursion which requires a team to work together. It also requires the team to follow the direction of the experienced guide. Early chapters are introduced with a clipping from the “diary” from such a trip to set up the material discussed in that chapter. Rather than enhancing the reading, this extended illustration actually distracts from the intended teaching that should go on.

In short this is a book that is based on a seminar that is probably very helpful. The book without the seminar is cumbersome in its shortness. About halfway through the book (the edition I have, anyway) there is a reference to an Internet link that will allow you to “purchase” the assessment materials to evaluate your strengths. This is advertised on the front of the book jacket as a special “Book Bonus” which allows you to receive a $7.00 discount on the price of the evaluation tool.

The book is also filled with sample charts and graphs which have little meaning without your personal evaluation for comparison purposes. Again, a great feature when going through a seminar (which you pay for up front). This is not so helpful when you are looking for a book that advises on how to become a better leader.

In short, this book is one that is actually a waste of money if you don’t want to—nor have the funds to—add the expense of taking the evaluation. I am sure that the seminar is very helpful, but the book is a big disappointment.

1 ½ thumbs for Leading from Your Strengths.

—Benjamin Potter, August 2, 2007

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