Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Jars – Jason F. Wright

©2005, Shadow Mountain, Salt Lake City

Christmas books should touch your heartstrings. You know, like The Christmas Box, The Christmas Shoes, or The Christmas Wish. Here’s a little novella that won’t disappoint. But you’d better have a box or three of tissue handy. The tears start early on and increase until the end of the book.

Hope Jensen is an abandoned child who excels in all she does as a journalist after being adopted by a lonely housekeeper. Just as Hope’s career seems to be taking off, she loses Louise to cancer (just after Christmas). Upon her first Christmas without her mom, Hope returns to her apartment to find it ransacked and burglarized. And then she finds the jar of money left unheeded by the police crew doing the investigation—“It wasn’t there thirty minutes ago . . .”

She spends the bulk of the book discovering the secret behind the mysterious “Christmas Jar” (as it is marked). She finds the origin and the reasoning that started it all in an unassuming family led by the father Adam Maxwell. And then she writes the story, only to find it’s too late to make up for the lies she’s been feeding Adam and his family.

This book has everything you want in a Christmas novel—death of a loved one that makes you think about what you want to be like as a person, selfless giving that keeps on giving, and finally gives back. Don’t pass up this book this year. But don’t forget the tissues.

In the spirit of the season, I give Christmas Jars a full five reading glasses.

—Benjamin Potter, December 12, 2007


Jason Wright said...

Five reading glasses? I'm honored! :) Merry Christmas!

Benjie said...

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoyed the book so much, I'm looking forward to The Wednesday Letters.

Jason Wright said...

You're very welcome, do let me know what you think of The Wednesday Letters!

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