Monday, August 11, 2008

Extreme Makeover – Henry Melton

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Once in awhile you read something that is really fun. If you pick up a Henry Melton book that’s what you’ll find. Extreme Makeover is his third in a series he’s called Small Towns, Big Ideas. The first (which I haven’t yet had the opportunity to read), Emperor Dad won the Darrell Award (from the Science Fiction community) for Best Novel. The second, Roswell or Bust, was my introduction to Melton’s writing and I found it to be highly engaging. The newest release is certainly good company for its predecessors.

Deena Brooke, overweight and self-conscious, living a sad existence because of an overprotective mother, brushes with death on a stormy school trip. The result of that brush is the invasion of alien nanobots in her body. The tiny robots repair her damaged tissues and help her to become more than she ever was. Her adventure includes developing new attitudes and physical strength, falling in love with the mysterious smart boy who pretends to be average, and saving the world from ultimate disaster.

Luther—who actually turns out to be 20-year-old Luke—is on the run from Las Vegas bad guys who have already killed his parents and are after some secrets that he doesn’t even know he holds. As the two young people discover the new talents acquired by Deena, they figure out the presence of the nanobots and how they are being used by aliens to destroy the Earth.

As always this is a superb example of young adult science fiction. The story reads quickly and keeps the reader wanting to turn page after page. The mixing of several plots is not only not distracting, but it makes the story more intriguing. Hats off to you again, Henry. Keep churning out those stories. Readers will want to get their hands on all the stories in this series as they are released almost too fast to believe.

Extreme Makeover is again rating four and three-fourths reading glasses. Good reading, good entertainment, just plain good fun.

Benjamin Potter, August 11, 2008

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Henry Melton said...

Thanks for the review. Today, Bill Crider came over to my table at Armadillocon and bought a copy on your recommendation. You just can't ask for a better review than that.

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