Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Order Yours Today

You have been waiting with bated breath, counting the seconds, and now the time is here! A Time for Miracles is available for purchase from the Loom & Wheel online store at

As with my original novelettes (Something Special at Leonard's Inn and Just a Simple Carpenter) I've fictionalized the story of a biblical character -- in this case John the Baptist -- hoping to expose more people to the Gospel message. Reuben, the narrator, tells of all the miracles that he witnesses surrounding the birth and life of John the Baptist. Ultimately, Reuben is introduced to the real miracle, Jesus Christ.

I've released this story in time for you to order plenty of copies for your friends and family at Christmas.

Publish-on-demand (POD) orders for the book with the traditional cover art by Jane Potter can be made @ Loom & Wheel [ISBN 978-09677668-7-4]

Those interested in the "black" cover can order (POD) from (production may be slightly delayed because of WordClay's readiness to print). [ISBN X-00000039706]

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