Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bread – Ed McBain

© 1974, Avon Books, New York (1st Avon printing July 1987)

At least part of the boys from the 87th Precinct are at it again. Bread is set in August just after Steve Carella has returned from vacation, and it seems that almost everyone else has left for theirs. In the heat of late summer, Roger Grimm has stopped by to see what progress has been made on the arson investigation that started before the lead detective went on vacation. Carella agrees to look into it (even though it’s not his case) and inherits the case when the crime becomes the murder of the “inside” man.

McBain has another police procedural winner on his hand with Bread. This one includes two fires, two murders, a beating, and a look at racism from the policeman’s side of the equation.

is a good summer diversion—or any other time for that matter. Four reading glasses.

—Benjamin Potter, September 30, 2009

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