Saturday, October 30, 2010

Outlive Your Life – Max Lucado

© 2010 Thomas Nelson, Nashville

I like to read Max Lucado’s books. He seems to be everywhere in the Christian publishing community—Bible studies, Christian living books, the children’s “Hermie” series (where he even makes appearances in the videos), bringing his message of love for the world across the radio waves in the UpWords segments. Whenever I need to read something that is well-written, as well as easy-to-read, I pick up one of Lucado’s latest. He’s like the popcorn of the Christian books world—you love to read him, it goes down easy, and you might even want a little more.

Then I picked up this book. The writing was good, but the buttery lightness of popcorn was not there. All of a sudden, Max is making his readers draw or cross a line (real or imaginary), of commitment to truly live their lives. In this study of the first part of the book of Acts, Lucado draws a picture of “doing something about it” whenever a need arises. He challenges the modern church to imitate the Jerusalem church, and it is inspiring.

The book includes focal scripture for each chapter; excellent Bible study; superb illustrations; and a closing prayer of encouragement for the reader. Lucado makes us take a serious look at our response to famine, poverty, disease, and other pressing needs in our society and world, and then he closes with a chapter devoted to Christ’s injunction that “if you have done it to the least of these, you have done it to me.” Following the body of the book are discussion questions and action suggestions prepared by David Drury to make the book more practical for the reader.

I recommend this book, if you’re tired of a mediocre Christianity. I do not recommend it if you are pleased with yourself and your Christian walk. (5 reading glasses)

Benjamin Potter, October 30, 2010

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