Monday, November 15, 2010

Five Who Changed the World – Daniel L. Akin

© 2008 Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC

Danny Akin is the president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and he is a nut about missions. I know this because I was able to hear him speak last week at the Illinois Baptist State Association Pastor’s Conference. Our theme was “In It to Win It” encouraging pastors to keep running the race set before us. In all three of his addresses, Akin saturated the audience with images of mission work, mission activity, and mission lifestyles. So it is no wonder that he addressed his own seminary family with a series of sermons highlighting the lives of missionary heroes.

As the title suggests, this small volume inspires readers with the example of five missionaries who “changed the world.” In missions circles, and especially in Southern Baptist Life, the names of the missionaries are never far from the tip of the tongue. Akin studies the lives of these missionaries illuminated by Scripture passages chosen that seemed to be embodied by the people they are coupled with. In the almost 100 pages the reader will find William Carey—the Father of the Modern Missions Movement, Adoniram & Ann Judson—the first Baptist missionaries from America, Bill Wallace—a medical doctor who went to China and wound up martyred for his faith, Lottie Moon—the namesake for Southern Baptists’ international missions offering who literally gave her life for the Chinese she served, and Jim Elliot—brutally murdered by the people he brought the gospel to and whose surviving wife (Elisabeth) and daughter (Valerie) returned to South America to see Jim’s dream of believers among the “Auca” come to life.

The messages were inspiring to read, and they are a reminder to anyone who is a Christian of our task—“Go . . . make disciples. . .” Thanks for the inspiration Danny (and William, Adoniram & Ann, Bill, Lottie, and Jim). These winning sermons earn five reading glasses from this preacher.

—Benjamin Potter, November 15, 2010



Great review.
How does one suggest a great NEW Christian book release for your consideration?

Benjie said...

Thanks for visiting, Robert. I'm open to receiving new books to read and review--just contact me via my church website:

(caution: I am a slow, methodical reader and sometimes the process takes awhile)

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