Monday, August 29, 2011

Star Time – Henry Melton

©2011 Wire Rim Books, Hutto, Texas

As promised in an earlier post, here is a review of Henry Melton’s debut story in The Project Saga, Star Time.

Life is going on as usual (or at least as usual as it can) for the residents of Austin, Texas and the surrounding area. And then warnings of ensuing danger explode. Enter a witch, a wizard, and a seer (so designated in the reading) and you have fodder for a great Science Fiction series. The title of the book refers to the moment when the lives of Sharon Dae (the witch), Abe Whiting (the wizard), and Ed Morgan (the seer) are thrown into turmoil by the death of Betelgeuse, a star in the Orion Constellation. Radiation spikes and night-time instabilities throw the entire Earth into a frenzy.

Hiding in the shadows of the sky are is a spaceship filled with a race of hunters—aliens who are looking for a treasure world filled with new prey. The treasure for the reader is the numerous tales that can follow the lives of those captured by the aliens in the process of keeping the invasion at bay, the robotic community left behind to pick up the pieces in post-star Austin, an the scientific followers in Australia who provided the first global warnings of the supernova that was Betelgeuse.

The building of the foundation is so intriguing that you want to keep up with all the characters—which Melton holds in promise as he unveils new titles in the Saga. To tide us over he’s included two bonus short stories at the end of Star Time to give a glimpse at the variety of the upcoming novels in the series. As with all of Melton’s books, you’ll want to read every drop. (Four out of five reading glasses.)

—Benjamin Potter, August 29, 2011
[This book was provided for review by Wire Rim Books of Hutto, Texas. Opinions are my own.]

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