Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Warriors in Hiding: the Surprising People God Chooses and Uses – Doug Munton

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Doug Munton serves as the senior pastor of First BaptistChurch in O’Fallon, Illinois. He is also currently serving as the president of the Illinois Baptist State Association. He wants God’s people to know that God wants them to be a part of His on-going work—even if they don’t know it or want to be a part of it.

Basing his study in the story of Gideon, Munton teaches readers how God knows more about them than they may possibly know themselves. Because of this God “Chooses Surprising Kinds of People,” “Stretches (them) in Surprising Ways,” and “Allows (them) to Make Surprising Choices.” Are you afraid to serve God? So was Gideon, and God chose him. Are you doubtful about how you can be used? So was Gideon, and God used him. Are you unprepared to launch a ministry? So was Gideon, and God blessed him anyway.

With that backdrop, the author uses a variety of life-experience stories, ministry-related illustrations, and amusing anecdotes to develop an inspirational book. You’ll even enjoy the golf story twice if you watch carefully.

This book is a reminder that even when I feel inadequate, unprepared or afraid, God can and will use me. And you can be assured that He will find and choose you as well, if you will but let Him. Four out of five reading glasses.

—Benjamin Potter, October 26, 2011

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