Monday, November 28, 2011

The Drummer Boy – Ted Dekker

©2006 J. Countryman, Nashville

[from previous post: This weekend as we were driving around on our anniversary, the Blushing Bride and I (kids in tow) happened upon a new Christian bookstore having their grand opening (on “Black Friday” no less). We decided to stop in and take a gander. What we found on their special extra Christmas discount table were a couple of books by Dekker—Christmas Tales. And since I try to read a Christmas story or three every Christmas season, we picked them up.]

In a follow-up Christmas Tale to The Promise, Ted Dekker whisks his readers to the “near future,” a time when people celebrate “the Holiday.” The Holiday happens on the 25th of December each year to celebrate the joys and wonders of commerce. It is a time of giving and receiving gifts to show how well the City is doing.

Enter Daniel, the son of a Circus drummer. Daniel, because of boyish tom-foolery when he was young, has stiff wrists, but he still hopes to be an expert drummer like his father one day. A secret meeting with the Circus Property Man lands Daniel a small and ancient drum. The drum comes with a story and with some magic, all because the drum must be played for the King—a King that has long been forgotten and turned away by the people of the City.

Inspired and based on the lyrics of the classic Christmas song of the same name, this book speaks of courage in the face of overwhelming odds in order to sing (and play) for the King of kings whose birthday we celebrate on December 25th.

This charming little book is easy to read and will do what all good Christmas Tales do – remind the reader of how special this season is and bring a quick tear to the eye in the process. I give The Drummer Boy four out of five reading glasses.
—Benjamin Potter, November 28, 2011

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