Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baron Thinks Dogs Are People Too! – Laurie Dean, Kevin Collier (Illus.)

©2008 Big Tent Books, Savannah, GA

There are lots of things to love about children’s books. They are easy to read. They are short. They are filled with great illustrations. There are also lots of things to love about dogs. They are loyal. They are playful. They are fun.

When Laurie Dean decided to write a book for children, she wanted to write one that her grandchildren would enjoy and want to read to their own grandchildren. So she turned to an inspiration that would stand the test of time – her dog. And in doing so she hit on a combination that would fit the bill: pets, friendship, and children.

Baron is a playful dog who just wants to have a friend. He knows that he must be a friend to have a friend, so he does everything he can to be a friend to the people around him. A trip to the obedience school for dogs helps him to act more like many of the people around him think he should act, but it is his observant nature that will help him realize his dream.

This book will speak to the hearts of parents and children alike, and will appeal especially to the dog lovers in the reading audience.

The accompanying artwork has a tendency to distract the reader at times – almost overwhelming the page. But the pictures are appealing to the eye and consistent with the story. Small children will be especially happy when Mom or Dad reads this to them. I’m looking for more great books from this talented team. And give Baron Thinks Dogs Are People Too! a hearty four reading glasses.

Benjamin Potter, January 31, 2009

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