Monday, February 2, 2009

The Suburban Dragon – Garasamo Maccagnone, Al Ochsner (Illus.)

©2007 BookSurge Publishing, Shelby Township, MI

Booksurge is a way to re-issue some older or little-known titles that may have fallen through the cracks. The Suburban Dragon bears an original copyright date of 1992 by Crate & Fly. Sometimes we wonder why people bother to drag their old manuscripts back from oblivion. Sometimes we wonder why people waited so long.

What are three children to do on a cold and wet day? Instead of stare out the window at the rain, Mom suggests that Garret, Anthony, and Aimee let her read their favorite book to them. But the book is well-known and has lost the interest of the children. And then they are surprised by a dragon who sweeps their mother away. The children devise a plan to rescue their mother and they become knights and a princess along the way.

The story itself is very endearing and gives many ideas for how families can use their imaginations on bad-weather days. The themes of imagination, family, and love come ringing clear in this cute little book.

The artwork, more than the story, is what captures the attention of the child with whom you read this book. You will enjoy the story well enough, but buy it for the story in the pictures.

Three and one-half reading glasses.

Benjamin Potter February 2, 2009

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