Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Sneakiest Pirates & The Heroes of Googley Woogley – Dalton James

©2008 & 2009 Outskirts Press, Denver

When contacted with possible books to review, I don’t have the time or energy to request every book suggested. Frankly, I try to find something in the description that will appeal to my reading tastes. Here’s something that appeals to my reading tastes: “Children’s book written by a seven-year-old.”

In response to my interest, I received not one, but two books to read and review. The back cover copy introduces author Dalton James as “an extremely precocious, bright and active seven-year-old” and the stories bear witness.

James’ first release The Sneakiest Pirates tells the story of how Peg Leg Chuck steals the prince’s

treasure only to have it stolen from his hiding place by Pirate Pete and his dad Scurvy James who fight over the treasure until they are so tired that they decide to share the loot and become Rock Stars.

In a follow-up story, we find Rock Star Pete and Rock Star James growing rich and bored with the life of rock stars. So they decide to become astronauts who eventually save the SooDos of planet Googley Woogley from their enemies the SooDonts.

Imagination runs wild as you follow these charming stories from the mind of a seven-year-old. I think I’ll encourage my brood to write and illustrate their own stories, and in the mean time we’ll be excited to see more adventures of Pete and his father James.

I give both stories four out of five stars and a hearty congratulations.

—Benjamin Potter, May 6, 2009

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