Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So, This Is Church Now at Amazon **Updated**

I just received word from Lulu.com that my sermon collection, So, This Is Church, has been selected for listing in their new Amazon Marketplace program. What this means is that I'll get a little more exposure for that particular title, and perhaps more sales.

For the uninformed, So, This Is Church is a collection of sermons dealing with foundational issues of the local church and her practices. Chapters deal with the Foundation of the Church itself (Christ and His gospel), worship, evangelism, fellowship, and the like. Interested? Hop on over to Amazon.com and take a gander. 

Issues with the program include a price hike to accommodate Amazon's cut and still ensure Lulu gets theirs and they can still produce the book with a tad leftover for me (the author/publisher). If  you want the best price on the book, purchase it at my Lulu.com store. And have a great day.

**Update (6/5/09)** Lulu has worked out a deal to sell this title at Amazon.com without the 30% mark-up--that means it sells for cover price of $7.50 at both Amazon and Lulu (plus either site's shipping charge, of course). Don't have any idea how long this will last, so buy those copies today!

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