Monday, January 25, 2010

The Family God Uses – Tom & Kim Blackaby

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Tom Blackaby is no stranger to participating in family ministry. He grew up in the home of Henry Blackaby who gave us Experiencing God. In that home he developed an attitude of service that has been played out in church staff positions, in Christian higher education, and ultimately in joining his father on writing projects and as international ministries director of Blackaby Ministries International.

With this background, Tom has now teamed up with his wife, Kim, to develop a book (and accompanying group study) that encourages families to work together in ministry. The book is designed to include illustrations from real-life examples – both from the authors’ backgrounds and from testimonials from others who have participated in the activity of God as families.

The book is divided into six parts that provide a foundation and structure for families to join God in the work He is doing. The book provides excellent encouragement for families to go on mission together from all walks of life. The Family God Uses earns a whopping four out of five reading glasses.

I do see one major drawback to this particular book: the best audience for it is a Christian audience made up of regular people who want to live for Christ, but my fear is that the book will find a larger readership among “professional” Christians (ministers and preachers) who will place the book on their shelves without sharing it with non-minister types who just want to be effective Christ-followers. With that in mind, the good people at New Hope Publishers have provided me with a copy to give away. So, the first person to answer the following question correctly in the comment section of this blog will be awarded their own copy to read and be inspired by.

Give away question – I occasionally participate in clown ministry at home and while on missions trips. What is the name I have chosen for my clown personae?

Benjamin Potter, January 25, 2010

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