Thursday, April 26, 2012

Books Sale

Okay, so here's the deal. I have several shelves of books that I have accumulated over the years (many before I ever met the Blushing Bride). Some are even near and dear to my heart. At the same time our family is in need of some funds in a rather immediate fashion. A host of these books have been gathering dust on the shelves for more years than I care to admit. A mountain of them were even languishing in storage while we lived and worked overseas.

To make the two ends work together, I will be offering a great many titles for sale, but since it is a fundraising effort I can't let the books go for a song and dance. My pricing should be fair (but probably won't be competitive, again, the point is to get raise funds for our family need). My first blush out of the gate will be to list several of the authors whose work I have and will be parting with (some reluctantly). As time permits, I list individual titles--unless people are into just buying the author's work. Most titles will be first or second editions (book club editions will be priced considerably less), and many are signed (and/or inscribed) by the author.

To answer the main question--why not use e-bay or Well, I am using those outlets for some general sales, but most of the titles I'm offering in this fashion would be more suited for personal contact from collectors and bibliophiles.

So, now to the authors included:

Steve Brewer (many early Bubba Mabry mysteries)
Bill Brooks (several western titles--these will go pretty cheap as most are paperback)
Sigmund Brouwer (I have many of his fiction titles for older readers, not too many children's titles)
Susan Rogers Cooper (many Milt Kolvak titles, several E.J. Pugh titles, and all of the Kimmie Kruse novels)
Bill Crider (I have almost all of his mystery titles, including Dan Rhodes, Carl Burns, Truman Smith, and Sally Goode)
Kinky Friedman (all but the last few of his mysteries)
James Grippando
John Grisham
Stewart Kaminsky (many of the Toby Peters titles--several of these are book club editions, but in excellent condition)
Lisa Scottoline
David J. Walker

I also have a number of short story collections to sell. Tune in often for more detail on the books that must go. If you like some of these authors ask for a particular title of theirs and I'll let you know if I have it.

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