Monday, December 7, 2009

The Mudhogs – Dalton James

©2009 Outskirts Press, Denver

Some of you will recall this spring when I reviewed two books, then interviewed this children’s author who comes from the ranks of his readers. Dalton is eight years old and illustrates his stories as well as writing them.

The Mudhogs is the story of three pigs who have come together as a club with the purpose of enjoying the mud. One problem: there’s been no rain for a long time. Finally, Piggy, Piggles, and Piglet decide to go on an adventure to find mud somewhere in the world. The story is narrated by a tick that lives on Piggy’s knee, and is a fun reminder that sometimes what we really want is right at home.

In a note accompanying my review copy of this book, James’ father suggested that this third book is the author/illustrator’s best yet. I heartily concur. The Mudhogs will entertain and inspire children and readers of all ages. Pick up a copy for the holidays and enjoy this four-reading glass selection.

Benjamin Potter December 7, 2009

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