Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hannah’s Gift – Thomas Eidson

Since the 2003 release of the film Missing based on his novel The Last Ride, Thomas Eidson has enjoyed more acclaim than in previous years. He’s written several novels set in the American west. All have been well-written, but the story line works better for some than others. Eidson has been well received in both the United Kingdom and in America, winning the Western Writers of America Best First Western Novel and Best Western Novel and in the U. K. won the “Thumping” Good Fiction Award from W. H. Smith for his first novel, St. Agnes’ Stand. Some would classify his stories as “Historical Fiction” and I guess that would be accurate, but I still read them as Westerns. Even so, I had to go all the way to (England’s version of America’s to find a copy of Hannah’s Gift.

Tucker Gibbons finds himself shot, meets Hannah Morgan who convinces him it’s just a head graze. The next day he wakes to a missing Hannah and a hole that goes through and through his clothes.

Here’s a novel that reads as much like a Mystery as a Western, as much like a Supernatural Thriller as a Historical Novel. There is action, intrigue, as well as good old shoot ‘em up fun. I recommend anything by Eidson, but especially Hannah’s Gift.

—Benjamin Potter, March 2007

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