Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Spyglass – Richard Paul Evans

Having won the hearts of Americans with his Christmas masterpiece, The Christmas Box, Richard Paul Evans continues to turn out heartrending stories that mirror his first small book written as a gift for his children. Several years ago, he was inspired by children again. This time the idea was to create children’s books that would be a true gift to children. The Spyglass is one example of that inspiration. The author pledged his proceeds from this book (among others) to be donated to The Christmas Box House International, Inc.(TM) In this way he is offering a gift to at-risk children who would move from risk to dire reality.

And so, Evans writes a story about faith. The Spyglass is the story of a once-great kingdom, a kingdom that has lost its luster and greatness. Even the king has relegated himself to being the lowly king of a lowly kingdom without prospect of improvement. Until a mysterious traveler appears asking only a meal and a night’s lodging. In exchange, he shows the king what his kingdom lacks. He shows the king what might be and leaves the instruction, “Now go and make it so.”

More than a story of faith, this small children’s book is a story of vision and inspiration. And it is a painless way of supporting an effort at improvement for our own “kingdom.”

—Benjamin Potter

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