Sunday, March 18, 2007

Texas Glory – Robert Vaughan

Okay, I admit it. I’m a sucker for almost anything Texas—especially if that something includes a rousing tale about the Alamo. And that’s just what you get when you pick up Texas Glory.

Vaughan is an accomplished writer of historical fiction and takes great pains to do his homework. Americans have long heard of the battle that inspired Texas’ early settlers in their fight for freedom. We have also chanted along with the Texas natives the resounding battle cry, “Remember the Alamo!” But many, not having taken courses in the state’s rich history know that the battle cry included, “Remember Goliad!” as well because of the bloody massacre that occurred there. Mr. Vaughan includes this tidbit in his epic novel.

The story itself is rather well-written. A detractor is the nearly soap-operatic story line centered on Marie Doucette. It seems that the New Orleans debutante finds herself expecting a baby before her wedding to a man who runs to Texas to avoid marrying her because of the drop of black blood coursing through her veins. She chases him there only to fall in love with the man who determines to be her escort to keep her from harm on the way.

Having said that, the novel has plenty of battle scenes, including the courageous defense and subsequent loss of the Alamo, and the vengeful routing of Santa Anna’s army at Lynch’s Ferry. Readers will enjoy the treatment of courage and honor that pervades this novel. Vaughan includes the romance of love and the romance of battle, appealing to female and male readers alike.

—Benjamin Potter, March 2007

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